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Government Of Assam Elementary Education Samagra Shiksha Assam

Teacher Training

Teachers’ Training and Pedagogy Component under SSA, Assam

Axom Sarba Siksha Abhijan Mission is focusing at universalisation of access and retention in schools while at the same time emphasizing quality of elementary education by enhancing capabilities of teachers. Moreover, improving the quality and efficiency at the school & classroom level is a major thrust area of SSA. Teachers’ Training and Pedagogy Component is one of the core components of SSA which deals with quality of education. This component  is concerned with comprehensive development of children, content of curriculum, teaching learning processes, preparation of teachers (through induction training, refreshers training, professional training etc.) and structural as well as organizational aspects. This component facilitates/coordinates in implementation of the following major activities:

  • Budget (AWP&B) related work of Teacher Training component.
  • Preparation of Plan of Expenditure for Teacher Training component.
  • Matter related to Free Text Books
  • Matter related to development of Free Text Books, supplementary materials, such as-Activity Books, Instructional design, charts, cards, grids, story books etc.
  • Implementation of Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat (Reading Enhancement Programme, Initiative on Early Grade Reading)
  • Implementation School Leadership Programme for School Heads
  • Training of untrained teachers-2 year D.El.Ed. Programme
  • Engagement of Asst. Teacher under SSA, Assam
  • Implementation of Shaala Sidddhi
  • Implementation of Gunotsav
  • Engagement of CRCCs, BRPs
  • Matter related to Uniform
  • Conduct of Block Level Teacher Training (I-V Level)
  • Conduct of Cluster Level Teacher Orientation (CRC level training) for all the elementary level teachers (Govt.& Provincialised)
  • Conduct of Block Level Teacher Training (VI-VIII Level)
  • Preparation of Module of various training/orientation programmes
  • Teacher Need Analysis
  • Implementation of Learning to Learn programme for Tea Garden areas schools.
  • Implementation of Vidyanjali
  • Implementation of Readers Club
  • Matter related to Library grants and books
  • Matter related to SDG
  • Audit related matter
  • Report preparation and submission to MHRD, NCERT, Edcil etc.
  • Implementation of School as a way of life
  • Implementation of Quality Monitoring Tools.
  • Conduct of Video Conference and its follow up.
  • Court Case matter related to Teacher Training component.
  • Matter related to Teacher Association
  • TET related matter including conduct of TET
  • Induction training of teachers.
  • Implementation of Rashtriya Abhiskar Abhiyan
  • Matter related to Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  • RTI matter related to Teacher Training Component.
  • Matter related to NCTE
  • Matter related to New Education Policy
  • Matter related to Evaluation Practice Book
  • Matter related to Pupils Progress Card
  • Publication of Ganit Vigyan Barta
  • Publication of Academic Calendar
  • Implementation of CFSS
  • Innovations
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Teacher Training & Pedagogy