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Government Of Assam Elementary Education Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission

Community Participation & Special Focus Group (CP & SFG)

Community Participation & Special Focus Group Component:

The role of community in school development activities has significantly widened through RTE Act. The Act emphasizes that planning shall commence at school level and the School Management Committee (SMC) shall play an active role for preparation of such plan. As per section 22, the School Development Plan (SDP) to be prepared by SMC will be the basis for the plans and grants to be made by the appropriate Government. Unless the SMCs are empowered and have been made professionally equipped for preparation and implementation of a worthy School Development Plan, the development of schools as per RTE will remain as distant dream.  Considering the importance of community participation in school activities , the following activities are conducted Community Participation & Special Focus Group Component :

The focus areas under Community Participation:

  • Strengthening the functions of School Management Committees & Local Authority; Social Mapping and hand-holding of SMC members for smooth implementation of School Development Plan with the help of Civil Society Organization; Integrating Disaster Management School Plan with the School Development Plan;
  • Creating awareness among community on RTE implications;
  • Ensuring sustained effort of community in co-scholastic areas and promoting Saturday Clubs in all elementary schools;
  • Ensuring proper utilization of grants and promoting Social Audit in all elementary schools;
  • Collating success stories & projecting these as showcase (motivating tools) for others;
  • Enhancing enrolment & retention in schools with the support of community & conducting programme like Utsav Vidyarambha;
  • Strengthening monitoring & support to SMCs through different committees under SSA & Volunteers under Siksha Ka Haq Abhiyan. 

The focus areas under Special Focus Group:

  • Focus attention to reduce drop out and to enhance retention in special focus areas; special intervention in Char & Tea Garden areas ;
  • Community initiated approach to reduce the gaps in the areas like language barriers, life skills, apathy of community/parents towards girls education etc
  • Advocacy programme for change agents/opinion makers/media/ functionaries of concerned department
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