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Government Of Assam Elementary Education Axom Sarba Siksha Abhiyan Mission


  • Accounts :

    • Management of Fund
    1. Fund release from Government of India & Government of Assam.
    2. Release of fund to districts and sub-district level based on approved plan of action. 
    • Utilization of fund 
    1. Timely collection of Utilization Certificates from end users and submission of the same to the appropriate authority.
    2. Maintenance of Books of Accounts, expenditure details manually as well as in Accounting Software. 
    • Reporting 
    1. Timely submission of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Accounts Report as per prescribe format to the appropriate authority. 
    • Monitoring and Supervision                       
    1. Monthly sharing cum Meeting with Finance & Accounts functionaries in Block, District & State Level.
    2. Regular field visit by Block Level Accountant and other Accounts functionaries. 
    • Audit 
    1. Quarterly Internal Audit done by qualified by CAs on concurrent basis up to Block Level.
    2. Statutory Audit up to Block Level done through CAG empanelled CAs.
    3. Preparation of Audited Annual Accounts along with Utilization Certificate to the GOI. 
    • Training 
    1. SMCs functionaries training on maintenance of Accounts and Utilization of fund etc.
    2. 5 days mandatory training of Finance and Accounts functionaries as per FMP manual, GOI.
    3. Development of training materials/ modules.